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Famous people from Senigallia

Mario Giacomelli


Local born multi-talented artist Mario Giacomelli used photography and painting as a means to explore his interior world.

In 1963 he came into the international spotlight after the MOMA in New York purchased his photographic series "Scanno". His most famous work with the touching title "I have no hands to caress my face" is part of "Little Priests" which features a group of young priests from Senigallia photographed in unusual situations.

There is an exhibition of Giacomelli's work at the Ducal Palace, just 5 minutes from the hotel.

Mauro Uliassi


Owner of the ULIASSI restaurant (6 Via Banchina di Levante), which is just a stone's throw from our hotel, this great chef is recognised as one of the top ten chefs in the world and also won best chef of the year 2009. He has a passion for culinary art and plays with ingredients to create one-off dishes with a wow factor. Take your senses on a journey and discover previously unexplored taste sensations!

Moreno Cedroni


This incredible visionary chef is owner of "Madonnina del Pescatore" (11 Via Lungomare Italia), which is just 10 minutes from our hotel. In 2011 the Wall Street Journal named it one of the ten best fish restaurants in Europe and the Espresso Guide gave it 18/20. His groundbreaking cuisine takes you back to the roots of local culinary traditions by means of an innovative reinterpretation of flavours.

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